We’re Blu Top and we make totally bangin’ custom built ice cream cookie sandwiches and more. We first hit the streets of London in May 2015 in our pimped up Piaggio Porter van and have been delivering mind-blowing cookie & ice cream combinations ever since.

We hand craft all our ice cream from our kitchen in Deptford, South East London which means we’ve got complete control over our totally natural ingredients. We’re a member of London’s most awesome street food collective Kerb and you can find us at markets all over the city between April & October.  

We don’t just make ice cream, we make amazing ice cream (modest). All our ingredients are totally natural and we exclusively use organic milk & free range eggs in our custard base.

Our milk comes from The Estate Dairy who are pioneers in sustainable farming, animal welfare and producing delicious, unhomogenised whole milk. 

We pasteurise, age and churn in-house and our cookies are also expertly hand-baked. Combine this with some mind-blowing flavour combos and you get award-nomination-worthy ice cream. No, seriously –  we were finalists in the coveted Young British Foodies Awards in 2015. We’ve also featured on the menus of some seriously bad-ass restaurants including Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen. Pumped about our ice cream yet? Good, because so are we.  



Blu Top was founded in 2015 by displaced Northerner Richard Makin. Basically born wearing oven gloves, Richard started his first food blog during his time at University. As early as he could, he moved to San Francisco and found himself in one of the most exciting food scenes in the world. He had his first experiences of all-natural, small-batch ice cream and freaked all the way out. After returning to London, he experimented for years to learn the tricks of expert artisan ice cream making. With support from The School of Artisan Food and training from the Ice Cream Alliance, he sold his first batch in 2013. Now you can catch him in the famous Blu Top van (Barabara) bringing a healthy dose of Scouse wit to an all-American product.